Dial Number for Emergency Services

When the Emergency Service you require answers,

  • State: Your telephone number, the emergency control staff may need to call you back if you get cut off .
  • State: The Address or Location were help is needed.
  • State: The nature of the Incident.
  • State: The number of people involved and If any are trapped.
  • State: Any known hazards, i.e.. Fire, Chemicals, Gas Leaks, Oil Spills, Overhanging Electric Cables.
  • Do: Give any directions and landmarks you know of, this will help speed up the response time to the incident.
  • Do: If you can, send someone to meet and guide the Ambulance back to your home.
  • Do: If the incident is in your home and it's dark, switch on all your "House Lights" or use your
    "Auto Hazard Warning Lights" outside your premises or near the incident.
  • Do: Lock or tie up any dogs you have on the premises.
  • Do: Update the Emergency Services if conditions deteriorate at the scene.
  • Do: Inform the Emergency Services if you no longer require them.
"Don't Hang-Up the Phone Until You Are Told"                                                               Back
Plan Ahead:
Make sure your house number or house name are clearly visible from the road. Take some time to map and write out precise directions to your property. Stick the directions to the cover of your phone book, notice board or phone pad and don't forget to tell the rest of your family what you have done and why it was done. Remember the last time you had to give directions over the phone to anyone, well try giving directions in an emergency when you're under pressure, shocked, or injured.  So you see it makes sense to plan ahead.
Remember !
The Emergency Services are there to help you. So don't fool around making "Bogus Calls"

"The time you waste, maybe the time you need to survive. Think about it ?......."