Missing Persons

Anyone looking for someone please email us - missing@shearingworld.com

i am looking for 2 of my brothers, Harold and George Erlston. Currently living in Johannesburg South Africa. their father is Harold Benson Erlston. I have never met them but my sister Samantha has. any information  please email Chloemay   - 1992@hotmail.com
Looking for Brett Hutton who went to Australia when a teenager with foster dad His family had seven kids, mother Robyn and Father Rayner  We moved from Rotorua to Wellington when young, have got a brother Rhys and Rayner  Please  email me I am his sister Julie 
Wanting to make contact with, Douglas Giles son of June McGlashan who is from Bendigo district, Victoria in Australia. DOB. 1964, last known to be working in Western Australia. His mother is very keen to make contact, as are his two sisters who are both now married with one child each. Douglas's father who has been divorced from his mother for many years, is dying of cancer and is not very strong at this time  email - talbotleannem@gmail.com
Hello, I am looking for Colin Allen who was last seen in Timaru, New -Zealand he would be about 50 years in age, also worked as a truck
driver, for Opzeeland in Christchurch New Zealand, in 1988 or close too He is of Maori heritage and was born in Auckland New Zealand, please let me know if you can help me find this Man. Thank you kind regards Annie email me at - adcostello@xtra.co.nz
Jody Godfrey Barnett, known as Joe, I last heard from Joe December 2007, his last known address was Whitfield st, Sumner, near Christchurch, New Zealand. Really want to know if he is ok, would love to be in contact with him again but would just be happy to know he is well. Any info would be fantastic. please email me - helly964@hotmail.co.uk    thank you. Helen
Looking for my grandfather or his family in New Zealand The story that I know is that my grandfather was a Royal New Zealand Airforce during the ww2 in the Pacific  His squadron was based in Tonga while they we're in Tonga he met my grandmother and they have a son   I know maybe his family doesn't know that he exists His name was "BILL  and he only had 2 sisters one name Marianne and I don't know the other one  Please if you know anything about my story or anyone please contact me:  (+61) 0421 552 805 or e-mail me on flussy@ncable.com.au
Looking for MAX PARSONS who met my mother in Cunnamulla, Queensland, he worked in shearing sheds in Australia, and is originally from New Zealand Last known location Gulargambone, NSW  He is about 54/55yrs old, and last tried to contact me when I was about 10yrs old unfortunately we were unable to keep in touch. I am Lori, born in 1986  
Any information please email me - lorihooper@bigpond.com
Looking for the family of Rex & Connie Bishop who lived in Royal Road, Massey, Auckland in the 1970's. Their children are Raewyn, Alan & Kevin. Rex and youngest son Kevin were killed in a light plane crash over Auckland in 1988. Rex worked for a taxi company for many years. I stayed with the family for a few weeks in 1974. I would love to make contact with Connie, her children, or anyone who knows of the family. Contact Susan at susanrosedallas@vodafone.co.nz
I am searching for my grandson, Casey Brezik, 21, last seen in Raytown, MO. Left at the end of February, destination unknown. An anarchist and may be found with anarchy groups or book stores please email dshotts@sbcglobal.net
I am looking for the whereabouts of Trevor Douglas Smith, who was born in Forbes, NSW on the 30/4/1949 and was adopted in September 1949, anyone with information or knows his whereabouts please email me, Mick Miller, on swamphole@hotmail.com 
I'm looking for a brother who I saw last in 2005 before he left for South Africa, I haven't talked to him or heard from him since. Would love to find him -   email any info to John Musekiwa  at email  -   jpee16@yahoo.com.au
I am trying to locate Dorothy Lindsay, a friend whom I have lost touch for about 3 years.  She used to live at :2615 Cazadero Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92009-5811  -  She would be about 65, and has 2 daughters, and some of their family lived in the Chicago area
Any information - please email me - micartists@aim.com
I am trying to find my Father Wayne David Giles (DOB 17/12/1945) whom I haven't seen since I was 10 years old when my Mother forced him to leave our family in Adelaide South Australia. I am now 33 years old, married with 3 small children & no relationship with any of my immediate family members anymore, I am desperate to locate my Father (my children's grandfather). I know that he was a Baker by trade, liked dancing (used to go in dancing competitions), liked antique furniture & classic music. His mother Joyce Fletcher, lived in Oaklands Park, Adelaide S.A. also at the time he left us in 1986 
I have one older sister, Linda (daughter to Wayne Giles also). When last I saw him he was still living in Adelaide South Australia (1986). My estranged mother (Waynes wife) is Jan Giles (formerly Kellow). 

Anyone who could possibly help me or knows of his whereabouts I would greatly appreciate to hear from you? - Lisa Anne Brown  -  email: -  nige13@dodo.com.au (formerly Lisa Giles)
I am trying to locate a person by the name of Rakshnadhunum Matthew. She used to live in Umhlali on the Natyal north Coast. She has two brothers, David and Teddy. A younger sister named Mavis. She probably lives in Johannesburg now as I believe she left Durban some time ago. She also lived for a while in Asherville, Durban. Please contact Charles - email - desrang@hotmail.com
I am looking for my half sister Charmain van Eyseen born 27 march 1951 in Cape Town South Africa. At the age of 7 she was adopted 
by the Page family. She does not know that I exist They use to live in Grassy Park. She goes by the name of Charmain Page She 
might be married now. Also seeking our mother Rita van Eyssen she was born in 1927/1928 in Cape Town, South Africa I would be very grateful for any information - Patricia Major - email me p.major@tele2.nl  - Ph: 0314-342579 in the Nederlands
I'm trying to locate my friend Nikki Mentz (also known as Nazreen Bhati) who went to Cape Town on 15th September and after a few days has not been in contact with anyone! It's been over a month now since anyone heard from her and we are all very worried. Please if anyone knows were she might be, please let someone know, we are all very concerned for her wellbeing and just want to know that she's okay. Please email me if you have ANY news  jason_jenni@hotmail.com
Trying to locate My Ex Work mates that were based at NSC Zetland Sydney which is now closed, As Civilian and Enlisted Personal. Through my employment as a civilian truck driver I and others have been placed on Hazardous Materials Data Base being exposed to Hazardous Materials or substances. I would like to locate Civilian and enlisted personal that worked on this base so we can support one and other. To date we have only located one Driver from this base who is in Ocean Reef Western Australia. I have a letter that states that we have been exposed to Hazardous Materials or substances. Radio 2 GB Sydney interviewed me, and some personnel may need to have their health checked. I have a nodule in my groin and shading on my lungs, if others are in a similar situation now on disability pension I have been advised that department defence will only accept part responsibility . My Fax/Telephone 07 4124 1961 Ian  Wakeling" email: herveybayqld@hotmail.com
I am looking for my birth family - I was born on 7/7/1964 in Meridian, Lauderdale County, Mississippi, USA  My birth mother's name was Loretta Bryan.  It is my understanding that she was a college student. I was given a name  at birth and I was adopted privately My last name was Bryan. My name was changed to Randy Lamar Tindle. My amended birth certificate was issued on February 1 - 1965. My adoptive parents were Theda Boutwell Tindle and James B Tindle. They were from Clarke County, Mississippi, at that time. Both passed away in November 2004. Please email me if anyone has any helpful information.
I am trying to locate my son Christopher Maddern, who is living in Hervey Bay area, in Queensland, Australia. Anyone knowing his whereabouts please contact me, Steve Descovich, Ph: (+61)  0416 931 632 or email
I am looking for my step-brother Nicholas Zander, he was adopted at a very young age in South Africa by a family in Paarl, Cape Town. His mother is Elizabeth Ross and his father was Hans Zander. Nicholas is probably between 40 and 45 years of age. Please contact me, Karen Descovich, nee Zander on(+61) 0404 942 970  or email
I am looking for a mate of mine by the name of Vicki Poll, originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, but lived and worked in Auckland New Zealand The last time I saw her she was working for the Heavenly Gardens restaurant, Hobsonville, Auckland in 2005, I have lost contact with her and I have no idea where she is  If anyone knows where she may be, please contact me (+61) 02 4626 6712 or by email Thankyou Barbara Takiari 
Seeking my half sister, daughter of Declan Affley. I don't know her name but am aware that she lives somewhere in Northern NSW please email 
I am looking for a lady called Raewyn whom was one of nine children from a shearing family in Gisborne in the 50's 60's. Raewyn had 2 sons to her first husband who was killed in a motorcycle accident. In 1976 Raewyn had a daughter, and that is me. Raewyn would have been 26 years old at the time. My fathers name was Peter. If anyone out there is able to help with any information to help me on my search, anything! please contact me email
Seeking the whereabouts of Peter Hamilton, may have been shearing in South Australia and Victoria. Was last believed in the Barwon Heads or Geelong area of Victoria, approx 2 years ago. Any info to email
Searching for anyone who might have known of my grandfather. Frederick Richard Woodley Perrin also known as Frank. He was a fisherman in New Zealand when he disappeared in 1917. He did not serve overseas, but was a reserve. We have his army records. He may have left New Zealand then or after that time and possibly had another family. I am running out of ideas as to where his final resting place may be, any help really appreciated. Diana  -  email
Looking for Mrs Helen Hillson Gray Jones around Glasgow, Scotland  - Has a son Gary, Mother Lillian. Last know address, 16 Springburn, Glasgow, Scotland - Anyone knowing whereabouts please email
Searching for my brother who was adopted.  Male DOB 12th MAY 1956 birth name BRIAN JAMES BAIN, born Doncaster Street,  Maryhill, Glasgow, Scotland, UK . 
Birth mother Mary McLeod (middle name) Barclay (maiden name) Bain, DOB 18th August 1931,any information would be grateful, thanks, Patty. email
I'm looking for a guy who goes by the name of "Jug" don't know his real name, but he generally travels on his own, he had a dog named Jess, and I worked with him on Mulgathing station out of Coober Pedy, South Australia, also worked with him in Tasmania. Would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to get in touch with him. contact Marie Silcock  email
My brother Frances was born 1928-1929 in Oakbank Hospital, Glasgow, Scotland. Mother--Isobelle Adams - Father James Timmons or (Timmins) Logan  He was given away by my grandmother when he was born.  The name Matron Pollock rings a bell, and she worked at Oakbank Hospital at the time.  My parents are now dead and they searched for him, there was talk of him being taken to U.S.A. We have his birth certificate.
Can you help me, regards Jean Morrison email
I am looking for a June Andre, (maiden name) my birth mother from New Zealand   My Birth name is Peter Andre.  We met 1991/1992 after 30 years. I lost you again in 1992 by moving away. I would like to let you know that I have stomach and bowel cancer. My health has started to go down. I am now 45 years old.  The good news is that you have 2 grandchildren and maybe you and your family maybe interested in the grandchildren or photos etc. I have instructed a lawyer to search for you and advise you if I pass away. I would like you to know because you are still my birth mother. LOL  If anyone has any information on June Andre, please contact me  email
I am seeking my birth father James Henderson. He was a menswear shop assistant around 1962 in NZ. James has a son who would like to make contact with him (Born 1962). The woman who got pregnant was a young girl named June, aged 17 years, who in 1963 gave up her son for adoption. According to birth record information, James may have been 20 years old at the time. Due to health concerns, I would like to complete part of this puzzle before the health gets any worst.
James also has two grandchildren.  Anyone who may know of James Henderson or is a relative to James, I would love to hear from you.  Please contact Ollie  email 
Trying to locate my sister Julie Anne Doyle. 48 YEARS OLD Last contact was in1988-89.She has 5 brothers 3 sisters Steve, Paul David Chris peter Carol, Maree. She was living in Carlton, Brunswick area. She used to work Stafford Ellison in Carlton & Elders - If anyone knows her whereabouts or please contact David - email
I am trying to find my big brother I have not seen him for about 5 years his name is Keith Alan West. He would be 54 years old and was born on the 21st January.  His mother's name is Betty and his fathers name was Keith , I really need to get in contact with him as there is a lot he really needs to know about our brother Stephen and our mother. He was last living in the Black Town area NSW .if you can help me please email me, regards Leonie West
I am looking for my brother Raymond Rodgers,last seen in Townsville Qld in 1970s Raymond is six foot tall light dark complexion, brown eyes, birth mark on back of neck. Our mothers name Nancy Major. Please email me regards Graham,
I am looking for Noel McRae who I am led to believe is my father. He worked in the shearing industry in North West Qld in the mid 1960's. Please contact Donna via email  if you have any information.
COLIN THOMPSON (THOMSEN,THOMSON, TOMPSON, TOMSEN, TOMSON) - unsure of surname spelling He was shearing in South Australia during the mid 1960's. Holidayed in Queensland, at Hervey Bay in 1964. Born between 1927 - 1929. Any details or leads would be greatly appreciated email
I am Looking for Brent Bowring who was shearing in Dannevirke NZ and down south in the early 1980's. Known to have left NZ for Australia in the late 80's. Last seen in Melbourne 10 years ago. Just want to get in contact as his son would love to meet him and show him his grandchildren  Please contact Jo on (+61) 07 3711 9637.0r email
I am looking for my Grandson born in Brisbane Australia on May 25th 1988. he would be 20 this year, his name Peter Wayne Hinton... email
I'm looking for Berrie Brooks who used to live on 48-50 Monomeeth St, Bexley NSW. 2207 in Australia and is married to Jeff Brooks. I am a relative from the Netherlands and i am trying to find them for a long time. Please contact me if you have some information. email
Looking for my half brother Ian Stafford, he does not know that I exist. Mother Elizabeth Emily Ann Stafford. Has origins from the Gisborne NZ area - Please contact Tracey Mobile (+64) 027 230 6555  or email
I am looking for my grandson  Reece Stephen Giles, Born  5/8/1989 at KEMH Perth WA.  He has not been seen since late 2007  He is about 6 feet tall, slim build, very very blue eyes, light coloured curly hair (shaved at times)
He was last seen in Kwinana Rockingham area. I believe he has chosen to disappear out of choice and is involved in the drug scene. We just want to know where he is and to let him know we love him and miss him. Please contact  Neroli Sutherland  -  email   Mobile: (+61) 0404 844 082
My son Douglas was taken by his father Neil Ross Parkin, from Gosford, New South Wales after telling me he was going to WA for a 2 week holiday and he didn't return. Douglas was only about 2 years old and now he's about 13 years old. All his family miss him and his little brother and sister have only seen baby photos of him If anyone knows his whereabouts please contact me - Rosemary Schubert Ph: 02 6576 1585,  email
I am looking for any information I can get on Claude Thoreau who knew my Mother : Elise Drake" I saw  a photo of him and my Mother together in 1939. I believe his Family lived in Pleasant Point, South Canterbury, New Zealand.  email me if you can help
I am looking for my two half sisters Loretta and Robyn. Their father's name is Robert Ryan. They do not know I exist. I am unsure of their ages, but think perhaps they may be in their late forties or early fifties. I know they met their other half siblings who mostly live in Auckland, New Zealand. I believe Robyn and Loretta live in Hamilton, New Zealand. I am unsure of their surnames as they probably married. If any body can help it would be appreciated  -  email
Looking for Angela Ward, from Christchurch New Zealand, a nurse I met in 1961. I was in the USA air force stationed in Christchurch. My name is Ollie Prater  I live in South Carolina . If you know of Angela Ward. please email me
We are trying to trace our brother John Walker Revie, last we heard of him was he was fishing at Cook Island. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please contact his sister Linda Revie - email
Does anyone know a Ken or Kenneth Wilson that use to work out of St George, Queensland area for a short period with Primac or Dalgety's in the wool industry before they amalgamated around 25 years ago. If anyone knows his whereabouts it would be greatly appreciated. I would love to catch up with him. Thanks his long lost friend. email
Trying to locate a man named Murray Kerr or a close relative. His last known address was the suburb of Woodville in the city of Adelaide in South Australia in 1953. He would be in his mid to late 70's by now. I am his daughter Edith Rose. Any information would be appreciated. email
Looking for a Mr Stanley Lawton aged approximately 87 years. Born in Geelong Melbourne Australia, married Rita (now passed away) They had 2 girls and 2 boys now married with children of their own. Stanley joined the navy, but after returning to Geelong, left his wife and family. Last information of Stanley is he moved to New Zealand, Ponsonby, Auckland many years ago, then moved to Kaitaia Northland, the last information we have heard any one with information please email.
We are looking for LUKE JOHN, birth surname is CARTER, but Mums married name was PEACH so not sure what surname he is using.    D.O.B 14-3-1991 (Almost 17).  Last known to be on the streets of Perth Australia. I am Luke's Dad and am desperate to hear from him  -  email
I am looking for Susan Johanna Lennan who used to live in Auckland, now is possibly in Paris. Would anyone knowing her whereabouts please ask her to contact her father. email
I am looking for my daughter JASMINE EMMA ARCUS.  Her last place of residence was in Whangarei New Zealand. She would be 16 years old by now. I  have not had any contact with her for about 7 or 8 years. I am worried for her and want to say "JASMINE if you read this message please get in contact with me". -  Maree Fraser, Hastings, New Zealand  -  email 
Lost touch with Susie Cortesi, last known address Bruce Road, Glenfield Auckland. We came to know her when we were on holiday in New Zealand in 1988, and lost touch after she visited us in the Shetland Islands in the early 1990s. We would love to know where she is now. Jim and Dorothy Kerr email
I am currently researching my great grand father, Eric John Hyams who was apparently murdered in DARWIN 1982. Unfortunately I can not find any information on his death in Darwin. His children are; Morrie Hyams, Sharon Farrell (nee Hyams), Erica Howlett (nee Hyams)  -  I am wanting to find any photos or back ground information that may be able to help me with closure.
Also his wife then was "SANDRA" LAWLER (nee Hyams/ Syubbs-mills) looking for an adopted child by the first name Deb, Debbie etc. Believe you have made contact before, but SANDRA turned you away. Would like to make contact with
you, if you are around - Would have been adopted in Perth Western Australia around the 1970's +........
Anyone with any information please
My name is Alison, and I  would like to find out if I have got any family in New Zealand. My Grandmother is Alice Nightingale, married name Durnell,  Sister Irene or Renie Nightingale. Married name Edwards, her Sister moved from Swansea, Wales to New Zealand a long time ago. I don't know when or to where. her children's names, were John, Cyril, Reg, and Alan Edwards and Grandchildren Aaran, Tanya and Shasha  My Nan also had a brother Cyril and Bert Nightingale. My nan is still alive but I think her sister and 2 brothers have died. I would love to know if any of Irene's children or grandchildren are alive  please email me if you have any information
I am trying to find my brother William Moreland who may go by the names Bill, Billy, Paddy or Iain. He moved
to new Zealand on the 11th July 1994 with his then wife Trudie and his children Tamzin, Amii and Joshua after leaving the British army.  He then moved to the Huntly area and would have in-laws called April & Darcy Barlow. He joined the New Zealand Police but I am not to sure if he is still a member. 
I last saw him in November 2001 after I visited him in new Zealand but over the years many sad things have happened and we lost touch, I am now married and have a 2 year old son and I just wanted to tell him that his baby sister is all grown up but still needs her big brother.  Last I heard he was in Auckland with Joshua his son also Moreland he would be around 13years old. If this sounds like someone you know please email me, Rachel Tucker nee Goodfield and at 
My late father Harry Corbett (1906-1988) was - and I quote him - : "a gun shearer in most sheds and never any further back than third". God luv him!!! He was shearing back when (and I quote again!) "wool was a pound a pound".
He started in about 1920 and finally quit the sheds in 1956 to move to the Big Smoke. I am told there is a recent book published that mentions him several times - re shearers of the Riverina. Have scoured the internet and major bookshops plus "Shear Outback" & others but no go. Would love to find this book - can anyone advise? ALSO - have had no luck re finding any documentation regarding my dad's record of "511 sheep in two days with blades". Tried the Union but received a very curt response - they were clearly not at all interested in assisting. Am trying to find proven sourced authentic material for my book on the fmaily. Am open to ideas....?  With thanks - Wendy Corbett    -  email

My grandfather was a well known Western Australian shearer by the name of Bob (Robert) Kennedy. He died in 1965 but was shearing up until then with Ron Lawson and other well known shearers in the WA wheat belt. One of our cousins said there is a book which mentions him. Do you know which one it might be and then my family and I would like to buy several copies - Thanks very much, Elena Douglas  -  email

My son Terry Paul Martin 34yrs old has been missing for 10 years. He could be around Byron Bay, Lennox Head area of NSW, he also may have been in Victor Harbour S.A. Terry is a builder by trade, any information would be gratefully received. email
Friends I shared a house with in 1966-67 in Queen Street, Hamilton NZ -  Virginia, Carol, Lenice, Jodie - would love to hear from you - Laraine Doyle  Ph: (+61)  02 9228 3999  -  email
I am looking for information on my fathers years as a shearer in New Zealand. He was an Australian and his name was Leonard "Len" Wilson. He did his shearing time in the South Island in the early 1970's and was extremely proud of his work and enjoyed the times he spent amongst the New Zealand shearing fraternity. Sadly my father past away 18 months ago after a long battle with cancer, today he would be 61 years old. If any one can pass on any information that can assist me in my research, it would be very much appreciated.  You can contact me Leah Wilson. by mail P.O. Box 331 Balnarring, Victoria, Australia, 3926. or you can email: finossi@bigpond.net.au Thankyou!
I am looking for my aunt Betty Jean Foster, she would be about 64 or 65 years old right now. Her mothers name is Mary Grace Williams. Betty left Toledo Ohio in 1960's and went back to Mississippi to be with family. Last seen with a Caucasian male. If anybody knows her or has seen her please email
I'm looking for my Father Robert Waikato Peipi. I'm his eldest daughter Renee. His birthday is the 10 December. He's been missing for 7 years. The last we heard he was in a place called ORANGE outside of Sydney. He's originally from Gisborne, North Island, New Zealand, and worked in Forestry for many many years. My brothers Brynn and Daniel and myself would love to see him again. We miss him dearly.  email
Many years ago my auntie left the family, her brothers & sisters are William, Jimmy, Helen & Emily. My grand father was Neil & grand mother Helen. Family name Morrison. My auntie is Janet Morrison. If you are still here, I would love to talk to you or any of your family. Please contact a.s.a.p you have been lost for so many years it is time to put the past behind us & to move on. If you do not want any contact can you just let me know that you are ok. Thank you Shirl  email
I am trying to locate an old school friend by the name of Thomas Shuemack.  I went to Junee public school with him in 1960-3 His father was the headmaster of Junee Public School then and we went to Junee High School and Tom moved to to Orange NSW, and havent heard from him since.  If anyone has information could you email or Ph: (+61) 0405 140 121 - Thanks Irene
I am looking for my brother Paul Alexander Holland he went missing in New Zealand in 1964 and has not been seen since. If he is around your sister is dying and would like you see you. Cherie Holland email
I am Maie Argod, from French Polynesia, and I have lost my Canadian partner, Michel Menelon (50s) because of a very bad phone line. If anyone has met Michel I would be very grateful for any information. Please email or ph 021 133 5980 or 06 3626 826
I am looking for my brother David Thomas Warner, who lives in Australia somewhere, I haven't seen David since I was 14 years old and I am now 40. I was sent home to NZ in the late seventies because of family problems. I have not been able to find him, and over the last 10 years our father has passed away, and lots more has happened David was born 28th February 1968 at Timaru Hospital, New Zealand, and is the twin Brother of Andrew Kyle Warner. David Married in Canberra to a women named Kim. I have no details of her last name or date of marriage. Anyone with information please contact - Michelle Warner, New Zealand, Ph:+64-9-411-9323 or  email
I am looking for a friend that I met in Kalbarri in Western Australia and then travelled with for the rest of my time in Australia His name is Paul Hanks and he came from Gloucestershire, England  email
Seeking to contact Janice Nisha Ali, mother of Aamish Narayan lal and Aanish Narayan lal. Her ex-husbands name is Pranesh Narayan lal  - Please contact on Ph: (+61) 0433 691 280 - email
Hi I'm Nick, I'm trying to locate a sister I didn't know I had. I think you're birth name was Cindy Sue Lindholm 
You were born at the same hospital I was. Sandwich Community Hospital in 1972, Sandwich Ill.
Your mother was Valerie A.Pettit,  Father was David L. Lindholm - Due to our mother being under age at the time had to give you up for adoption  Please find me... Nickey  -  email
I am after the contact details for Nikora Sullivan of N & P Sullivan Pty Ltd, shearing contractor - email
Seeking to contact Peter Curren/Curran, from the Woodend area Victoria Australia. Peter apparently travelled to NZ for shearing work and could have had a Rottweiler dog with him. Please contact Bev Jones if you can help. - email 
I'm trying to find my sister Hera Eymard Thompson. Last heard of she was woolhandling up Townsville way. If you know of her whereabouts could you please get her to email or ring her brother Des  - email
Looking for Leonard Ezzy who was in the area of Clifton - Warwick- QLD Australia around 1987 1989 1990
And had a friend with the name of Andrea - Please contact George email
My mother is trying to find information with regards to her Grandfather, who was apparently, a champion shearer, possibly between 1920 and 1940, in Australia. We have run a few searches but have been unable to find any archives anywhere. his name was Charles Frederick Cotton and he was from the UK.  Craig Stronner  email
I am looking for the descendants of (Malcolm) John Reid and his wife Gloria.  They had five children and lived in Adelaide. John Reid died in 1976.  He was my step-brother.  I need to contact his children because of cancer gene research - email
I am trying to contact Julie Sproul - Last known address Harmel Road,  Glendene, Auckland, New Zealand. Desperate for news of her - email
Ronald Dick (My Uncle) left New Zealand approx 35 years ago. He would now be 56-57 years old. Brothers Murray, Michael, Robert. Sisters Christine and Lynette. Father William {Bill] And mother Colleen. heard he went to Australia  - email
I am looking for a friend from 1961 in South Africa, his name is Trevor Olivier - Contact Leanne on  email
Looking for a man named Richard Wernham of Auckland New Zealand.  He was born 8/1965 and we met in Santa Barbara California.  I would love to reconnect again  -  email
Nell French would like to contact Judy Murray or their daughter Nikki Winks, last contact was in 1989 when Judy and Nikki visited Tasmania  -  email
I am looking for my father Ian John Baylis, last known to be living in New Plymouth NZ
I would like to let him know that although he had nothing to do with my life he is about to be a grandfather, and I would like him to know about. Also older sister and brother Rachel and Karl and there may be a younger brother Joshua I would really love to find you all.   Stephanie      
I am looking for Colin John Lorymer born in S.A. on 19/05/1954. He is the eldest son of the late Clem Lorymer and Valerie Lorymer.  Last known address was Craigie  W.A. about 2001. His mother is seriously ill in hospital and would be very happy to see him.  If you are able to help please email his Uncle Len.      email
I am looking for Noel McRae, I believe to be my father, who worked in the shearing industry in North West Queensland in the mid 1960's.  To my knowledge he is residing in NSW.  I can be contacted on this email address if anyone can be of assistance   thanks Donna   email
Seeking to contact Ted Duffey, a wool presser. He was working in the mines in Tasmania in the 1960s contact Reg  Phone: 0410 981 759
Am trying to locate some friends of mine in Hamilton, New Zealand, last contact was in 2002. Their names are Deidre and Hennie Venter who are South African. Would love to get in touch with them again email
Looking for Angela Ward a nurse I met in Christchurch New Zealand in the year 1961. My name is Ollie Prater. I was in the USA AIR FORCE. Would like to hear from Angela. We were close friends. email
Looking for Drew Allen, she went to London with my brother Alan Asbery, 2 years ago, we need to contact them as haven't heard from them in over 8 months, which is totally out of character, his mum in Dunedin is so worried, and his Grandmother is not well, we need to contact them as soon as possible, any information would be so appreciated.
Looking for Tarni See, nee Brunner, Last seen in South Australia.may be in QLD  - Contact Reg Trimble  -  email
Wanting to know the were amounts of Jessica & Susan Mould of New Zealand.  Please contact Margaret Mould  
- Ph: (+61) 9974 9999    -   email
I am looking for my husbands siblings all I can tell you is their mothers name is Gwendoline Rose Ward of Victoria Australia. She had a son whom she has told has siblings. He died at birth this is not correct he was placed up for adoption, in 1962.  All he knows is he is the eldest and would love to contact them and have a relationship. He was raised as an only child. Please help. phone (+61) 0433 478 751  -  email
I am looking for my father, his name is Terrance Wilson born in 1940, married my mother June Margaret Dowton in 1958 at Burwood (deceased), they had 7 children together, he worked for ICI Chemicals then and we resided at 21 Pinnacle St, Green Valley NSW, his mother and father are Maurice and Grace Wilson, if anyone knows the whereabouts of my father I would be very happy to hear from him, or even know that he is alive and well. 
He can contact Carol on Ph: (+61) 07 4155 0001 or   email 
Trying to locate my sister Vikki Gayle Sylvia McGlaughlin (nee Brown). Last contact was in1994-5.She has 4 children, Kate, Fiona, Alisha and Sean. She was living in WA and left husband Colin and the kids. If anyone knows her whereabouts or her children please contact us thanks - Terri Holly -   Email
Looking for CON SMITH (or birth name) ARGIROPOULOS  Birth parents names are: Nick & Kalopy Argiroplous.  Born: Sydney 1978, Believed to be living in QLD.  Relatives in Sydney are desperately trying to locate him, contact was made with him a few years ago however, relatives he spoke to did not understand he was related. Contact via me, Donna, (just a friend of family) and advise if you wish to make contact or not email
Seeking whereabouts of Lee Robert Currell. Last known address Lavarak Army Barracks Townsville QLD
 Also looking for Tarni See, nee Brunner, Last seen in S.A. may be in QLD      -  
Nance Sharpe is looking for Julie Sharpe previously married to Keith. Her last known address was 8/28 Monomeeth Street, Bexley NSW 2207 Australia  -  Please email me if anyone knows anything about her thanks  Howard Norfolk email
I am seeking any information on my mother Helen Ann Simpson, also known as Andrews, or any other family members. She was born in Bathurst NSW and would be in her mid sixties now. We lost contact in the late 1960's.My brother Thomas and I have been trying to find her for a few years now. Any info please contact me at email 
Mrs Doreen Smith of Paraparaumu New Zealand who is trying to locater her brother. His name Robert Warnock FITZGERALD  Born Northern Ireland DOB 10/10/1929  -  Last known location was Seymour Victoria AUSTRALIA three years ago. Moved to Australia from New Zealand about 10 years ago  email
Missing Dennis Mervyn Richards born Auckland New Zealand 11th March 1943. Left NZ for London UK 1967 Has not been back since. Believed to be in Sydney Australia area now in a rest home or retirement village. Family wishing to make contact call his brother Brian +64 9 479 2217 or   email
I am looking for Sheila [single name was Smith] left England for Christchurch New Zealand 1950s - 1960s her mother's name was Madge. Her mother and my mother were very good friends . Her last address in England was 3 Sallows lane Ipswich, Suffolk. Would just like to get in touch for old times sake and to find out how she is doing,  please        email
I am trying to locate Reg and Barb Walker from New Zealand, Reg worked with my husband Frank ACI Fibre Packages, Keon Park, Vic. Australia in the early 1970s the went to Indonesia I think. It's Frank's 60th birthday this year and I'd like to contact them - Shirley                email
Hi I am trying to locate my father - he doesn't know that I exist.  He met my mother at a party in Brisbane in 1971 and got her pregnant.  AlI I know about him is that he had long dark hair and his nickname was 'The Indian'. Her name was Judith Pitman.  If anyone knows who or where he is please contact me thanks - Melynda              email
Looking for any family of Bill Logan  in New Zealand - please contact Ph: (+61) 03 5882 6381 - woodburyhall@hotmail.com
I am looking for my ex-husband Mark Sunley. His family do not know his whereabouts. Last I knew he was in the South Island, New Zealand that was over 17 years ago.     If anyone knows where Mark is can they email me  or phone me on Brisbane (+61) 07 3849 7237
Does anyone in the industry have any information about  Ted [WE] Reick champion shearer in 1950 passed away 1996 would love to hear from you  - email Phone: (+61) 02 6556 1474