The Shearing Machines

Written in 1980 by  Bernie Walker All Rights Reserved
as a tribute to the efforts of two great shearers

Late last year across the Tasman
Where the Romney reigns supreme
Two young guns were breaking records
The tallies seem like a dream
Sam Te Whata
John Fagan and Sam Te Whata
Have burst upon the scene
Shearing seven hundreds
With only days between
First Samson shore six fifty
To break the record of Jack Dowd
While Fagan shore six eighty
But that score was not allowed
So John then had another go
He was out to make his score
The first man through seven hundred
Then he added twenty two more
But Sam was not yet beaten
And seven twenty five lambs he shore
So after just a few days
The record was his once more

John Fagan
But John was only warming up
And the lambs were there to shear
And so just one week later
He again loaded up his gear
With Gavin Whitehead beside him
In that busy Pio Pio shed
They started early on them
When most folks are still in bed
And when they finished shearing
Two new records they then had
Thirteen forty seven for the two stand
And seven forty for the lad
And the lad is Johnny Fagan
As a shearer he reigns supreme
The fair haired man from Pio Pio
Is a Human shearing machine

Details of records referred to in "The Shearing Machines"
Jack Dowd Tally 637, at Ngutinui, on 2-12-77
Coopworth Lambs, Judges: R.K. Hudson, W.E. Richardson
Sam Te Whata Tally 725, at Poverty Bay Showgrounds, on 8-12-79
Perendale ewe lambs, Judges: W. Teutenberg, A Baty, R. Richardson
Sam Te Whata Tally 650, at Te Pahi Station, Waimata, Gisbourne, on 19-11-79
Perendale ewe lambs, Judges: W. Teutenberg, R. Richardson
John Fagan Tally 740, at "Sunderland Farms", Pio Pio, on 15-12-79
Perendale ewe lambs, Judges: J Vowles, A Simpson, L Kana
Also 2 man record with Gavin Whitehead - Tally 1347
John Fagan Tally 722, at Mangapehi, on 3-12-79
Perendale ewe lambs, Judges: J Vowles, A Simpson, L Kana
Information supplied by C.A. Gilmore-Wilson, Golden Shears, Masterton, New Zealand
Photos by Alan Cooke, Masterton