New 8 Stand, World  8 Hour Merino Lamb Record -  Total 2939  - Average Wool weight 1.25kg

Lynford Farm, Quindanning, Western Australia - 2nd November 2002

- Blackwood Shearing Team - Boyup Brook Western Australia 
Paul Henderson - 308 John Henderson - 354 Greg McAtamney - 411 Mark King - 371
Craig King - 388 John Duke - 352 Andrew Noble-Campbell - 406 Raymond King - 349
Referees:  Stu Weir, Paul Rose, Doug Oliver (New Zealand), Tony Abbey, Peter Black W.A. -Peter Artridge NSW, 

Left to Right:
Paul Henderson, John Henderson, Greg McAtamney, Mark King, Craig King, John Duke, Andrew Noble-Campbell, Raymond King
Mark and Roxanne King's, Blackwood Shearing Team, from Boyup Brook Western Australia have been working together for many years, some of them over 10 years.
By setting the first World 8 stand shearing record, they hoped to encourage others into the industry and promote shearing as a career, as well as give recognition to the normal everyday shed shearers and shed staff who work throughout the shearing sheds all over the World. 
With only 1800 lambs under cover and drizzle around at 6am it was not the best start for the record day, but the cloud disappeared and the sun shone and the dry lambs were there to shear. 
None of the shearers had been to an official World Shearing Record attempt and it was totally new for them all.
With over 40 helpers in the shed throughout the day it was a busy day for everyone, especially the 6 World Records Committee referees, who checked the sheep were to the World standards of the committee by counting out and inspecting them each half hour during every run. If sheep were not shorn to recognised standards they would be discarded.
The referees congratulated and commended the Team on their excellent effort and co-operation throughout the day.
Many spectators encouraged the Team throughout the day and celebrated with them throughout the night..

Boyup Brook, Western Australia, possibly has the most World Record Holders, than any other town any where in the World.
 This is only the second World Shearing Record to be set in Western Australia, and the first over 6 stands to be set in the World. Congratulations Blackwood Shearing Team


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