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The Most Advanced,  Easy to Use Shearing Employers Payroll Software

Tired of Payroll Software that
Doesn't Perform?


Time to Change to ShearPLUS
Save Time & Money

Is your Software too complicated


ShearPLUS can be started any time of Year

Minimum Data Entry means less errors can occur

Workers Compensation Levy Summaries per State - Quarterly Superannuation information on reports to employees  -  All at the click of a mouse

Start any time with the "Software Package" Designed by Shearing  Employers for Shearing Employers

Integrated with
MS Access 2000 to 2005 & Windows

"Not DOS"
Point & Click

Simple and Very Easy
to Use

Summaries From & To any Date Shed Starting Dates Shed Details
Sheep Categories

Cost Plus

Workers Details
GST Tracking


Workers Compensation
Variable Rates, including Tax   Superannuation


Automatic Invoicing Workers Advances
Automatic Pay Sheets, Anyone can Understand Tax Tracking & Summaries Profit & Loss, Per Shed, Per Month or any time frame
Job Sheets printed from Program  

All Invoices, Pay sheets, Superannuation and Growers letters fit in window envelopes                




Can be started at anytime, and does not have to close one period to start the next
Can enter work from any date at any time
Can take unlimited entries of Growers, Sheds, Workers or Categories
Summarises different sheep types, at any shed, or all sheds, or over any period
Previous Work on each day over any Period 
Days Worked Per Shed, Per Worker for any Period
Postcodes for all Towns in Australia Automatically entered when Town is typed
Dole Information at the Click of a button
Letterhead on all printouts, Mail outs to Growers at the click of a button
Backup support by Phone, or Email and easy to understand HELP File

Get the Most Advanced, Easy to Use, Shearing Employers Software available Now!