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Sheep were first domesticated by man many thousands of years ago for their wool, meat and skins. The fat was used for candles and cooking, with plant colours used to dye the wool
The female sheep are called Ewes, the male sheep called Rams, their babies called Lambs
Some breeds of sheep have horns on their heads and some sheep are wild and live in the mountains, but they all eat grasses, and many different types of grasses
Sheep are animals which have a coat of wool, and 4 legs, each leg has two toes
The wool fibres on each sheep may be thin or thick, depending on which breed it is.
Thin wool is called fine wool, and thick wool is called coarse wool.
Merino sheep have fine wool and Romney sheep have coarse wool
There are many different breeds of sheep with different wool

Merino Sheep (Fine Wool) Grazing

Australia has mainly Fine Wool sheep called Merinos
Each year over 150 million sheep are shorn by the shearers in Australia
The wool  is sorted by the woolhandlers, and the wool classer grades the different types of wool into different bins
The wool presser uses a wool press to put the wool into bales which weigh around 190 kilograms each

Romney Sheep (Coarse wool) 

New Zealand has mostly coarse wool sheep and shearing teams shear over 70 million sheep a year

Many sheep in New Zealand are shorn twice a year and this is called second shear

Most coarse wool is used for making woollen carpets and most fine wool is used for making woollen clothing

Lambs without mothers need feeding regularly just like babies
People who have lots of sheep on their farms are called sheep farmers - When sheep are put into sheds and live there most of the time, and are fed there instead of eating grass in paddocks it is called feedlotting
Wool is used on the outside of most good brands of tennis balls

The average bedroom with wool carpet has the wool from 6 sheep in it

The grease from the wool has lanoline in it which is used for, skin creams, lipstick, and rust proofing as well as lubricants
Wool is a natural fibre and is available where ever there are sheep

Woollen Clothing is excellent  insulation, and it stays cool in summer and warm in winter

Wool is fire resistant, unlike most other clothing fabrics

Wool is used in some houses for insulation inside the roof

Some female sheep are milked and the milk is used for Cheese, Yoghurt, or just as Milk 
The East Friesian is a dairy sheep raised for production of milk
Sheep's milk is different from cow's milk. It contains more protein and has a higher fat content
In France, milk from Roquefort sheep is used to make Roquefort cheese
The meat from sheep is called Lamb or Mutton and is very tasty

Much Lamb and Mutton is exported from Australia and New Zealand to other countries for  people to eat, as many countries do not have much meat of their own to eat


South Suffolk Ewe with twin lambs
Sheep are hardy animals, and can survive in tough climates, like when it is very cold, very hot, or very dry. 
They move around in large groups called flocks or mobs Sometimes a shepherd and his dog will watch over the sheep.
Some of the big modern farms are so big they need motor bikes or 4 wheel drive vehicle and airplanes to look after the sheep
The big farms keep sheep in with fences and these fenced in areas are called paddocks. Farms may have many paddocks for the different sheep they keep
When the farmers get the sheep in for shearing, this is called mustering, they sometimes have mobs of thousands coming in together
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USA Sheep Info Sheep Info 2 Sheep101 Sheep long ago