Written on 21/1/1996 by Bernie Walker    Copyright 1996/2007
From the hills of Ruatoria to the rolling Southland plains
A fellow named Morrell used to shear.
Though Steve, the record breaker, has sadly now passed on,
The skills hard learnt are still applied to shearing gear.
For back 'round nineteen eighty out where big tough wethers graze
On South Australian stations dry and wide,
Steve Morrell, the shearer, taught his son to shear,
And Dion's skill was special, and filled his Dad with pride.
Yes, Dion's skill was special - he learnt the lessons well -
And he's travelled far and wide to try them out,
In the mountains near Fiordland - on the testing Queensland runs -
Dion's speed was of the kind to test a rouseabout.
And when long days were over, he'd put his handpiece down,
Then he'd lie awake and ponder records done
By men like David Fagan, or Dion's good mate, Edsel Forde,
But thinking gives no answer to the questing of a gun.
But now we know the tallies - the answer's very clear - 
Dion is a man who can shear -
Three world records set and held by Steve Morrell's son,
And seven sixteen Romneys was the highlight of his year.

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Even if that record's broken, by a gun with greater skill,
Or someone using bigger, wider gear,
Just like his Dad before him, we will acknowledge him,
For easy-going Dion is a man who can shear.
Soon, he'll be shearing for Australia, from his Western, Wagin home,
And Blackie has been working on his gear.
We think Dion's rather special, and Tina thinks so, too,
Yes, Dion, son of Steve, is a man who can shear.

Details of records referred to in "A MAN WHO CAN SHEAR"
Dion Morrell, Chris Booker, Rick Pivac - 1857 ewes on 21-5-1993 at Clutha Downs, Southland 

Dion Morrell,  679 ewes on 9-2-94 ewes at Te Puna Station 

Dion Morrell,  716 ewes on 1-2-95 at Wairaki Station Southland 

Judges at Wairaki: Stew Weir, Don Morrison and Doug Oliver

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