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John Gordon Black  -  AIF VX 3652 Te Ao Reremoana (Nan) Unahi
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 Born John Gordon Blacklidge in Wellington New Zealand in 1907, and left for Australia as a child with his father 
 He joined the Australian Infantry Force in Footscray, Melbourne, Victoria Fought 2nd World War and discharged in Sydney, NSW 
 Next of of Kin on Infantry papers was Vera Black. 

John Gordon Black enlisted in the Australia Infantry 26th October 1939 at Footscray, Melbourne
His listed permanent address at that time was
100 Gordon Street, Footscray
He served in Australia, New Guinea, the Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa

He arrived back in Australia  after the World War 11, he was discharged from the Australia Infantry after 1730 days of service on 21st July 1944

He travelled to New Zealand and Married Te Ao Reremoana (Nan) Unahi and they had 6 children

John and Nan separated after the youngest child was born and the children were raised in foster homes and  children's homes throughout Hawke's Bay

The youngest (Joy) was brought up by the Gould family in Hastings, Hawke's Bay New Zealand 

It was found in 2011 that John Gordon Black had a son in Australia before he left for the War


John Gordon Black's parents and brothers and sisters
 Father  Birthplace  Birthdate  Deceased   Buried
 Frederick Blacklidge  Bishops Gate, England   1883  Deceased    
 Vine Bicknell  Goldaming, Surrey, England  3/2/1884  Deceased   Karori, Wellington, New Zealand
Frederick Blacklidge and Vine Bicknell were married in Guildford, Surrey, England in 1904  At the time Vine was 20 and Frederick 21
They came out to New Zealand on board the Waiwera arriving 4th April 1906  There were 6 children born to Frederick and Vine
 Black Family  Birthplace  Birthdate  Deceased    Buried
 Frederick Leonard Blacklidge 1904 1930  
 Harry Blacklidge 1905 1920
 John Gordon Blacklidge 1907 1979 Riverton, Southland, New Zealand
 Lily Dinah Blacklidge 1909  
 William Joseph Blacklidge 1910 1932  
 Catherine Mary Blacklidge 1912 1912 Karori, Wellington, New Zealand
While these children were growing up Frederick spent quite a lot of the time either in jail or estranged from Vine and it was then she met George Harold Bennett and they had a son  -     Maurice George Harold Bennett 1914 1989
It was a short relationship, it is believed when Fred came back on the scene, Maurice was left with the Bennett family but had contact with his mother again as he grew older. Frederick died in 1935 at the age of 52 (Bennont Hills)
Michael Henry Albert was Vines last partner, she married him in 1921 but as she was still married to Fred at the time it was classed as  bigamy and annulled in June 1937
They had already had 2 children
  Leonora Joan Albert 1917 1992
  Michael Stanley Albert 1919 1994

Vine did end up marrying Michael Henry Albert legally in 1943 when she was aged 59

Vine is buried in the Karori Cemetery in Wellington, New Zealand

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