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John Gordon Black  -  AIF VX 3652  Te Ao Reremoana (Nan) Unahi
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Te Ao Reremoana (Nan) Unahi  -  Orepuki

 Nan's mother, Reremoana Unahi (Nanny) Paaka, and Father Wiremu Pango (Nanny Pop) Unahi

 They had a big family and were known mainly for fishing, shearing, Freezing Workers, and vegetable picking 

 Nan was brought up at Haumoana, Hawkes Bay New Zealand

 Married John Gordon Black and they had 6 children from 1950 to 1957
 After the last child was born Nan and John separated

 Nan left the North island and spent most time down the South Island of New Zealand

 Married Kenneth Bailey a shearer originally from England and they had 4 children, brought them up in Orepuki, Southland

 Nan passed away on February 15th 2010 and is buried at Monkey Island Cemetery, Orepuki, Southland

 Nan was well known where ever she went as a hard worker, honest and straight, with no nonsense

 She not only brought up her kids but also looked after other kids and existed on few material things 
 She was very frugal, and had very little due to the circumstances at that time
 She made sure there was food in the cupboards even if it was only basic which it mostly was
 She  gathered food herself, from the sea, the rivers, creeks and garden and nothing was wasted 

Te Ao Reremoana (Nan) Unahi's parents and brothers and sisters
 Father Birthplace Birthdate Deceased  Buried
 Wiremu Pango (Nanny Pop) Unahi  Waitotara    Deceased  Gore, New Zealand
Te Ao  Reremoana Unahi (Nanny) Paaka  Tolaga Bay   Deceased  Gore, New Zealand


 Unahi Family  Birthdate  Now Residing Buried Pics
 Polly Unahi   1922

 Deceased - 1925

 Pimoa Wiremu Unahi  28/11/1923   Deceased -  8 Feb 1993  Matahiwi Marae, Haumoana, New Zealand


 Carl Te Haukaretu Unahi  22/1/1925  Deceased - 6/2/1984  Invercargill, New Zealand  
 Heneriata (Bubsie) Unahi  18/12/1927  Deceased - 7/1/1986  Matahiwi Marae, Haumoana, New Zealand  
 Te Waara Miki (Darkie) Unahi   6/9/1930 Deceased - 18/11/2018 Matahiwi Marae, Haumoana, New Zealand


 Te Ao Reremoana (Nan)  Unahi   29/8/1931

 Deceased - 15/2/2010

 Monkey Island, Orepuki,  New Zealand


 Whakamutanga Mutu Unahi   13/10/1933

 Deceased - 26/8/2013

 Gore, New Zealand


 Rameka Unahi   1934  Deceased - 1941     
 Mereana (Mary) Unahi   8/7/1935  Deceased - 2008  


 Andy Unahi   26/2/1938  Deceased - 20/6/1978  Dunedin, New Zealand  
 (Taylor) Etera Tipu Unahi   30/11/1939  Invercargill, New Zealand  


 Betty (Betsy) Unahi   27/1/1941

 Deceased - 10/9/2008

 Gore, New Zealand


 Katerina (Kathy) Unahi   23/7/1943  Gore, New Zealand  


 Victoria Loraine (Jimmy) Unahi   24/8/1945  Invercargill, New Zealand