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Supershear,  Dominates World Shearing Records

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With the backing of Wahl Clipper Corporation, Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd has announced that it has acquired the Supershear brand and assets.
Supershear ceased trading last year due to challenging economic factors and a strategic change in direction from its parent company, Tru-Test Group
Alun Williams, the Managing Director of Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd said:
“Originally known as Chicago Flexible Drives, Cooper-Stewart, then Sunbeam, the Supershear brand name has enjoyed a loyal following for many years and has managed to achieve an iconic status within the wool and shearing industries around the world. With over a century of association with the rural community, it would have been a significant loss to see this well respected name disappear.”

Mr Williams went on to say:
“Our commercial intentions for the future of Supershear and its product portfolio are very clear. Supershear has a strong global foundation in the shearing and rural markets and our intention is to build on this reputation by continuing to manufacture products using the original Supershear specifications, designs and processes. Wahl Clipper Corporation has made significant investments to ensure that all the original Supershear machinery and tooling will be relocated to the UK, further demonstrating our commitment and dedication to the future of this celebrated brand.”

Rod Sutton, Dion King, and Dwayne Black  and all
those shearers below chose Supershear Gear for their World  Shearing Records

They chose Supershear Gear because it performs best under any shearing conditions

       World Records  Set with Supershear Gear      

Solo World Records                                                          Congratulations to You All
721 - Strongwool Ewes - 9 Hours

Rod Sutton
(Bennydale,  New Zealand)


866 - Strongwool Lambs - 9 Hours Dion King  
(Bennydale,  New Zealand)


513 - Merino Ewes - 9 Hours Dwayne Black
(Kojonup, Western Australia)


664  - Merino Lambs - 9 Hours Dwayne Black
(Badgingarra,  Western Australia)


570 - Merino Lambs - 8 Hours Dwayne Black
(Badgingarra, Western Australia)


353 - Merino Wethers - 8 Hours Dave Grant
 (Hughenden,  Queensland, Australia)


Two - Stand World Records
1335 - Strongwool  Ewes - 9 Hours Wayne Ingram & Darin Forde
(Blackmount, New Zealand)


1079 - Merino Lambs - 8 Hours

Dwayne Black & Troy Stansbury
 (Badgingarra,   Western Australia)


709 - Merino Wethers - 8 Hours Dave Grant & Laurie Bateman
 (Hughenden,  Queensland, Australia)


Three - Stand World Records 
1857 - Strongwool  Ewes  - 9 Hours Rick Pivac, Dion Morrell,  & Chris Brooker  (Lawrence, New Zealand)


1208 - Merino Lambs - 8 Hours

Ken Norman, Charles August, Patrick Malgase 
 (Trompsburg, South Africa)


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